Tax Preparation

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Tax Preparation

Tax Preparation  | Progressive Car Rental, LLC - College Park, MD

Taxes are more complex than ever, especially since the tax codes changes nearly every year. It can be difficult to make sure you have all your bases covered, not to mention actually finding time to prepare your taxes and sort through all the instructions. Instead of going through the stress of preparing your taxes along with everything else you have to do, let our tax prep pros take care of your tax prep needs. We have access to all necessary forms and information on the most recent tax laws at our disposal. Our tax prep services include:

• Providing all necessary forms and schedules
• Reviewing tax forms you may have filled out yourself
• Electronically filing your taxes
• Reviewing your tax forms to ensure that all information is accurate
• Review of any tax forms from previous years and the filing of any required forms to make amendments if necessary

While we make every effort to sort through your tax records and related documentation, there may be instances where we recommend additional tax assistance. Our tax experts can offer assistance with most basic tax prep requirements. Once your taxes have been prepared, we can electronically file your taxes and provide you with copies of all completed tax forms for your records. Our tax prep includes both state and federal taxes.

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