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Tag And Title

Tag And Title  | Progressive Car Rental, LLC - College Park, MD

We can perform a full inspection of your vehicle in accordance with all Maryland and District of Columbia laws. During the registration process, the name of the registering vehicle is recorded on the title. A vehicle can be registered to multiple owners as long as all owners have a valid ID. Vehicles weighing more than 55,000 pounds must pay a special tax. If your vehicle has tags from another jurisdiction, it must still pass inspection before receiving tags valid in Maryland or Washington, D.C.

A vehicle without a valid Maryland or Washington, D.C. inspection sticker must be titled and registered. The same applies to vehicles with an expired registration. If Washington, D.C. tags on a vehicle are expired, the vehicle owner may request a five day extension. This extension must be applied for with either the Maryland or District of Columbia Department of Motor Vehicles. Once an extension is granted, we can then perform the required inspection.

If a vehicle has expired non-DC tags, the vehicle owner may apply for a temporary registration. Once we see proof of temporary registration, we can perform the required inspection. A temporary tag may also be obtained if the title is not in the vehicle owner’s name since it is being leased. In this case, a request for the title must be sent to the leasing company. A signed lease agreement is also required. Typically, this information is sent directly to the DMV. Once we have confirmation of this process, we can then perform the required inspection to provide tags.

If your vehicle has a lien, a request for the title must be sent to the lien holder. If a used vehicle was recently purchased, a temporary registration may be requested to permit inspection of the vehicle to take place. A vehicle may also be registered in the name of a business. This process requires a copy of the business license, registration application, and any other required documentation. Our tag and title services include:

• Registration renewal
• Change of address
• Title transfers
• ATV and boat title transfers
• Change or correction of title errors

Note: A vehicle can only be registered and titled if there are no outstanding tickets or child support payments owed within Washington, D.C.

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